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Cold e-mails are the cheapest, most flexible and one of the most daring ways to network. They can take some patience but also have the potential to be highly effective. Use these tips to up your chances of them working in your favor. Click through for free templates!

The power of the cold e-mail is among the most beneficial aspects of the digitally-dominated (and, ever-increasingly so) world we live in today. It is my favorite form of networking. It’s free, no awkward conversation, and no fluff around what either party actually wants. The downside of cold e-mails is that they, of course, don’t …

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This list of personal website uses only scratches the surface of the power and potential they have. Click through to learn how they can make you stand out and get your free checklist to make sure you're not missing anything on your site!

Personal websites are my secret weapon for digital (and frankly, in person!) networking. Identifying personal website uses helps ensure we make the most of our site. As millennials, focusing on our digital footprint can’t be emphasized enough. The internet and the power of it can be overwhelming, but we should use it to our advantage. I encourage …

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We can't control the power of social media. What we can control is how we use that power. We can choose to make everything private and try to avoid social media, or we can use it our advantage. This is the ultimate guide to cleaning up your social media profiles and making them work in your favor. Click through for the step by step guide to cleaning up your profiles, with checklist included!

The influence social media has had on millennials is unavoidable. It’s all around us and it’s very difficult to escape. With horror stories of young professionals getting fired from jobs because of content on their social media, it’s easy to feel threatened by its exposure potential. So, you can approach this one of two ways: maximize privacy …

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