From the host of the Power of Bold, click through to learn tactics to fight inertia, fear, and stagnation

What if I told you that there is a subtle force influencing you right now, defining your thoughts and actions, and ensuring that you make the “right” decisions, whether those decisions are large or small? This force is inertia, and at a minimum, it has at least some effect on your career, finances, and social …

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College is an amazing time, but there's a lot I wish I would've known during that time. Click through for my letter of 10 lessons I wish I would've known to my college self!

Irrational freakouts of college- who can’t relate? Personally, I loved my college experience. I went to college in New York City, which I loved, but it certainly came with its share of stresses! Looking back, I can see that a lot of the stress I experienced was self-inflicted. Here’s what I would tell my college self …

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Cold e-mails are the cheapest, most flexible and one of the most daring ways to network. They can take some patience but also have the potential to be highly effective. Use these tips to up your chances of them working in your favor. Click through for free templates!

The power of the cold e-mail is among the most beneficial aspects of the digitally-dominated (and, ever-increasingly so) world we live in today. It is my favorite form of networking. It’s free, no awkward conversation, and no fluff around what either party actually wants. The downside of cold e-mails is that they, of course, don’t …

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