Six figures is just the beginning...

The Leah Gervais Mastermind

A 12-month experience for female entrepreneurs creating Monthly Recurring Revenue so they can be supported by their businesses and fall back in love with their lives.

I see you...

You’re darn proud of all you’ve achieved since starting your online business — and you should be! It came from hard work, hustle, and pressing those feet to the pavement.

But you’re ready for more…

You love what you do, but you definitely gave up a lot of yourself to come this far. And while things are progressively getting better, you’re ready for more. Faster. Now. And for the long-term.

You’re ready to replace white knuckling your way to the top with relaxing and enjoying the view. 

You’re ready to take a maternity leave or sabbatical, and have your business support your life, not the other way around.

You’re ready to set goals not just for the sake of them, but because they move you inside

You’re ready to step back, look at the big picture of what you’re doing, and make the changes that really matter

And most of all — 

You’re ready to stop obsessing over every shiny object and realize that you’ve been the shiniest object all along.

I'm Leah, and I'm honored to coach you in this transformation.

Here's why I'm the one to do it...

Time Square Office

(My last day at my 9-5 job in Time Square)

I quit my 9-5 job in 2018

After two years of blog stagnation with very little to show for a side hustle, my dream came true when I resigned from my 9-5 job, the last I’ll ever have.

Though this new-found freedom was a dream come true, 2018 was the hardest year of my life. I lost my dad suddenly earlier that year, and it utterly broke my heart. As a result, I was jolted into the realization of how precious and short life is. This led me to putting all my “eggs in the basket” of my side hustle. I took huge risks. I went into credit card debt. And, six months after losing my dad, I left the world of 9-5 jobs for good to work for myself.

I hit six figures just a few months into entrepreneurship, but even then I knew that six figures was just the beginning for me. I had my sights set on much higher numbers, greater impact, and a dream life for my family.

If you feel that same calling, you’re in the right place…

(Celebrating the six-figure mark at the Plaza Hotel in NYC)

My first six-figure year...

Six figures annually wasn’t all that great to be honest. Sure, I enjoyed it and it felt good to start paying off some of my business debt. Yes, I was proud.

But I was reinvesting nearly every dollar I made (other than paying rent) back into my business. I did this with intention: I wanted to grow quickly and wasn’t willing to stay put. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary or that I didn’t have stressed out moments. It wasn’t sustainable.

In the 12 months that followed that first six-figure year, I consistently had five-figure months, and sometimes even multiple five-figure months. It was such an uplevel in my life from when I was making $3,000 per month at a nonprofit in my 9-5 job! And, my lifestyle transformed too. I got married during this time, went on a dream honeymoon, started speaking in stages, and paid off business debt, moved to Miami, and got through the pandemic.

But I knew there was more for me…

Moving to six-figure MONTHS...


That push and risk paid off. Just 18 months after having my first six-figure year, after a year of low five-figure months ($10k- $30k on average), I quantum-leaped my own success and had my first six-figure MONTH.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to wait for the success you want to be your reality. It’s there for the taking if you’re willing to put in the work and do what it takes (both mindset work and good old-fashioned work work).  

I hit six-figure months just a few years into business through my scaling methods (listed below) and will work with those in this Mastermind to apply those themselves.


Creating a life of abundance

The truth is that my first six-figure month unlocked a whole new world for me. I know that might not be a fun sentence to read if that feels far away from you (I used to feel like that.) But the good news is, it’s actually NOT that far away.

Not with the right strategies to scale (see my three below), the right mindset, and the right coach. This Mastermind encompasses all of those things.

Since then, abundance truly became a norm. I’m no longer available for credit card debt (though I have continued to use debt to leverage other things, like purchasing a rental property). I can’t imagine a month where I don’t make as much in CASH as I used to make at my 9-5 jobs in a year.

I work from home three days a week so that I can be with my newborn son, Paul. (Named after my late dad.) The other two days a week I get to be full-time mom. And none of this has caused me to sacrifice my business success.

My life is full of moments that invoke responses of “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe this is real” AND “but of course this is happening, I wouldn’t expect anything less” in equal measure.

And that’s what those in this Mastermind will step into.

Let's get down to it...

What kind of money can you make?

Of course, every business is different. If you’re not yet at five-figure months, we’ll work together for you to have consistent five-figure months 3-6 months into the program. That’s what most of our alum have enjoyed in the past!

From there, we’ll work together to scale to multiple five-figures by the end of the year. A good example would be $10k months starting consistently in April, and a goal of a $50k month for October.

All of this, of course, assumes you as the empowered entrepreneur take personal responsibility for your business and results. You show up, you do the work (mindset and work work) and you are willing to do what it takes. No hot then cold action here.

But I'm already at five-figure months...?

You go! We’ll then work right away on those multiple five-figure months, with a focus on recurring revenue and making sure your lifestyle and work/life balance are bougie and fabulous.


My scaling methods took me from a year+ of five-figure months, to breaking out of that cycle and experiencing six-figure months.

Here are my three focus areas when scaling:


You may immediately feel like you’re not ready to raise your prices. Maybe you haven’t sold “enough” at your current price to raise it yet, or you don’t feel like you have the audience for it.

Let me help you with that. In these situations, you’re looking for something outside of yourself to give you permission. Let me show you to rework your offerings to simply be worth more

1:1 --> 1: Many

There are so many different creative ways to expand your reach and impact by reshaping the transformation you’re already offering. I’ve done, tried and seen EVERY kind of container you can imagine: long, short, books, podcasts, groups, masterminds, coaching, consulting, done for you… you name it.

Let me help you navigate what works best for YOU.


You can’t do this all alone, but it’s not easy to know how to pay for team, how to find team, and how to use them.

The short answer? Your team should make you more money than they cost you. 

Let me show you how to find who will best support you, what roles would most benefit your business, and how to build a well-oiled machine.

Will you say yes to yourself?


“My results from working with Leah have been SO transformative. In my first year of working with her, she helped me TRIPLE my income. Out of the 18 months of working with her, 17 of those months have been over 5 figure cash months. She has given me the strategy, tools and mindset to help sustain and grow my six figure business.” – Shannon Bills, Acting Coach


Working with Leah completely changed my life. I decided to finally take a chance on myself and make the investment, even though I was in debt – needless to say it was beyond worth it. I launched my business and within five months I’m doing what I love and hitting almost six figure months. A few months ago I was in a job I wasn’t in love with, now I get to work for my own organization with a staff of fifteen amazing people who I love to work with everyday. Beyond the practical and technical advice Leah provides, you get to be part of a community of the most amazing women, who will become life long friends and mentors. If you are thinking about working with Leah and her team, just do it now, don’t wait! It will be the best investment you’ll ever make.” -Zee Cohen-Sanchez, Political founder


Liv started her business in Scale Your Side Hustle® in 2019 and it took her a whole year to sign her first client. But she stayed strong and clear in her vision the whole time. A few months after signing her first client, she was able to leave her 9-5 job and signed onto my Mastermind for the first time.

Three months into the Mastermind, she had her first five-figure month (which was actually a $20k month). Six months after that, she had her first six-figure month.

She’s went onto hire a small team (she likes keeping it nimble), become a published offer, travel when and where she wants, and has completely transformed her life and business.

… and she’s still continuing to blow us all alway.


“Before I discovered Leah, I was struggling to fill my programs, have consistent income and felt overwhelmed on what I should be focusing on to build my business. Now my programs are full + still growing, my income has increased and I hit my first 10k+ sales month, and I have learned how to focus my efforts each month on growing my business, which has resulted in me launching my online membership! As a result, I’ve been able to travel + live out West all summer while building my business, to have a group of entrepreneurial women to support me that I didn’t have before, and I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of because I finally have a fully online business!” – Jacquie Smith, Health Coach


12 Full Months of
Mastermind Support

Most masterminds only last a few months, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, true transformation happens when you spend the time with one coach and community. They’re able to get to know your business on a deeper level and see you through all that comes with a year of business. You’ll be supported in this container for a year. 4 seasons. 525,600 minutes (any fellow Rent lovers out there?). That’s a whole lotta room for expansion.

Two Live Group Coaching
Sessions Per Month

Value at $28,000

This is where you’ll put yourself in a metaphorical room with other women who are playing the same game as you are. Together you’ll uplevel your thinking. You’ll strengthen your mindset. You’ll cut through the noise. You’ll support each other to the end. And you’ll watch one another change right before your eyes.

One Quarterly 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Leah

Value at $6,000

Get the best of both worlds with coaching in a group and individually by having a quarterly call directly with Leah. This is your chance to explore a more in-depth topic like a full on funnel, a launch plan, an ad strategy, write a sales page, or anything else that would feel good to hammer out together.

Two Luxury

Value at $25,000

We love being able to run our businesses online, but there’s truly nothing like connecting with your colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs, and new closest friends in person. This is where your vision board comes to life; working together on luxurious, indulgent locations. There are some of the highlights of the Mastermind! All activities and meals together included. Flights, hotels and individual transportation not included. Details below.

Direct Voxer Support
Monday - Friday

Value at $12,000

Got a quick question in between calls? Voxer has you covered. I’ll be in there Monday through Wednesday to coach you as you need it. Imagine being able to whip out your phone and ask things like, “I have this idea but…” or “can you riff on…” or “I’m having this struggle and need support…”

Lifelong Sisterhood (Priceless)

You love your friends, family, and partner, but there’s something extra special about connecting with other women who are in the ring with you. They understand what it’s like to be a business owner — the good, the good, and the downright unexpected. Your 6-figure business besties are now just a text away!

Value: $86,000


One-time fee of $6,000 and 12 monthly payments of $1,997

The one-time fee can be paid via payment plan before Dec. 31, 2023


January 2024

Our first retreat will be in the heart of Miami. We’ll take in the views of the city, spend time exploring & focus on strategically planning the transformations you are envisioning for the next year.


Q3 2024

Our second retreat will be in beloved New York City. Enjoy the electricity in your life and business in the city that never sleeps! We’ll come together to experience the city and bring a focussed energy to finishing the year off strong.

These intimate, in-person retreats will give you a chance to dive deep and build lasting connections with the other women inside the mastermind. Not only will you walk away feeling seen and heard, but we’ll also schedule in plenty of time to work on your business while we’re together. Plus, there will be a few fun surprises thrown in for good measure. 

Remember, this mastermind is about making sure your business supports your life — NOT structuring your life around your business.

This Mastermind is not for you if:

  • You own a brick and mortar store. These strategies, tactics and techniques were created specifically with online businesses in mind. 
  • You haven’t gotten any clients yet. This is exclusively for women who’ve gotten a bit of traction in their business, and they’re ready to go further. If that’s not you, then I’d recommend one of our other programs. 
  • You’re really attached to your current way of doing things. You feel your way is the only way, and you don’t want anyone telling you differently.  
  • You won’t show up and support other women. This is a mastermind, which means being a part of the group is just as important as the learning piece.

This Mastermind is currently open for applications


“I’ve leveled up in entrepreneurship and made back my investment. Leah is such a kind soul who truly wants to see you succeed and helps you mentally & tactically. After working with her, I was able to launch a new website, launch my new ebook and ecourse, travel full-time and have clarity in my business direction with the support of other successful entrepreneurs. Her guidance is SO worth the investment every time, you won’t regret it! Thank you, Leah!” – Danielle Hu


“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

Dylan Grace Success Story with Leah Gervais


Working with Leah has been a complete game changer both for my business and personal growth. Despite already having an established client base in real life I was not able to translate that success online. I was stuck. Leah has given me all of the necessary tools to grow. During our work together she taught me how to host webinars and convert the guests into clients. My first webinar, I booked a client that paid for the whole ad spend ($1000) & has since returned to continue working with me and referred me several other clients. I have created a new service that I was able to sell IMMEDIATELY just in the beta phase and generate $3600. On a personal level, I’m more confident in myself, overcame a scarcity mindset, over came imposter syndrome that often crippled me, and I finally see a clear path to my goals. I’m forever grateful to Leah and proud of myself for taking the initiative to recognize that I needed the help and actually did something about it.” – Yvette Sadavoy, Accountant


“Before working with Leah: I was working on a business I wasn’t in love with, struggling to make consistent sales, and holding myself back from going all in. After working with Leah: I’ve launched a new business that I’m so passionate about, am making sales consistently with less effort, and am so excited to take my business to the next level. I’ve been able to hit my highest income month yet, even while dealing with personal struggles, have been able to run my business while supporting my family, and have given myself the gift of creating something I love.” – Alyssa Keil


This is a space for quantum leaps and exponential growth — in your bank account, your business and in your life. While you should applaud the work you’ve done to get this far, it’s time to pause, take a deep breath, and let it go, so you can call in a brand new future. 

A future where you embody “having” a business, but not “being” a business. 

A future where you’re writing your own permission slips for your dreams. 

A future where you’re thinking thoughts that support the woman you’re becoming. 

A future where 6 figures is just the start of what’s possible for you. 

A future where freedom isn’t an afterthought but a non-negotiable. 

Most importantly, this mastermind will bring out the best parts of you that have always been there, waiting to be discovered. Parts of you that you didn’t even know existed until now. 

Don’t you want to meet them?

Do you have a lingering question before you hit that “Apply” button?

Q: When does the mastermind run? 

A: January through December. Which means the group + I are always in your corner when you need us. That’s 365 days of transformation in both your life and your business. Imagine what’s possible for you by NYE! *Preps the champagne* 

Q: I’ve never been in a mastermind before. Is it better to get a private coach?

A: Joining a mastermind is one of the most profound experiences you can have as a business owner — especially this mastermind. We work really hard to keep the group dynamic high-vibe and thriving, so everyone who joins is someone who truly belongs there. Not only will you meet your new life-long best friends, but you’ll be so held by the community that you’ll actually grow MORE than if you were working privately 1-1. 

Q: How much access will I get to Leah? 

A: There are no support coaches in this program. All the coaching is done by me. You’ll have 2 group calls a month. You’ll also have access to Voxer coaching Monday through Friday. 

Q: What happens if I hit the “apply” button? 

A: I will personally review your application and decide if you’re a good fit for the program. No, we don’t take everyone. Yes, that’s a very good thing! It keeps the group in balance. If you’re not a great fit for the mastermind at this time, I may recommend another program for you instead. If all systems are go on your application, my team will reach out to schedule a 1-1 call, where you and I will talk through any questions you might have. Submitting an application does NOT mean you have to join. But it is the first step. 

Apply for this Mastermind below