Six Lessons from Six-Figures at Twenty-Six

I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but here are my lessons from six-figures in sales, which happened after I left my 9-5. Check them out inside!

Today is my 27th birthday! One of the things I’m most celebrating from the past year was generating six-figures in sales while twenty-six years old.

As you may know, just a few months before my 26th birthday, I went through a traumatic experience. I suddenly lost my dad, who was very close to me. To say this was shocking and devastating is an understatement.

When my 26th birthday came just a few months after suddenly losing him, I was determined to make something of myself after his passing.

I wanted to continue on in honor of him. It was through that determination that I was able to use my grief as a superpower. Then, I set a goal to generate six-figures in sales from my business before my 27th birthday.

I didn’t know how I was going to make that happen at the time because I was still working at a 9-5 job. I also was a bit hesitant to make such a rigid income goal because I wanted to be careful to stay in integrity with my business.

But I knew that it was possible to do it the RIGHT way, and that’s what I set out to do!

Lessons from Six-Figures

Here are six lessons I’ve learned from building a six-figure business at 26:

1. Planning > Doing

In the beginning days of Urban 20 Something, it felt like a constant wheel of churning out content.

I was always doing more, doing more and doing more. That may have been necessary when starting from scratch. But, after you’ve built a platform, it’s important to start shifting into a CEO role, which means planning, strategizing, and analyzing… less doing.

2. Make Decisions Quickly

I’m not shy about how essential I believe if it is to make quick decisions to build success.

Decision was my word of 2018!

If you need something to start your business, decide you’ll get it and move on. If you want to even start a business, decide you will and make it happen. Those building quickly don’t have time for indecision.

3. Understand Selling

I did not find selling to come terribly naturally to me in the beginning. Understanding what sales means, how it actually can feel natural, and what will actually make the difference around big sales was completely crucial.

(Want to know more about sales? I have a sales birthday bundle that ends TODAY! You can see the details and grab one of the last spots here.)

4. Charge What You’re Worth

Women especially tend to undervalue themselves.

They also tend to shy away from talking about the money they really do want to earn or have. Even writing this email, sharing my income, isn’t the most natural thing in the world!

But it’s important to own what you want and where you’re at, especially if you have big dreams! You do no one any favors by staying quiet.

5. Focus on Your Goal NOW

One of the biggest reasons my clients stay stagnant is because of Shiny Object Syndrome.

They get so excited about other offerings, people, potential, ideas… and it’s not always a bad thing!

Thinking outside of the box is good. But being spread too thin is NOT. Shine so bright that you’re your OWN shiny object.

6. Dream Bigger

It may seem cliche, but it’s the most important one on this list! Whatever income goal you have right now, add a zero to the end. Whatever city you want to live, try googling luxury homes there. Whatever trip you want to take, buy tickets this week.

This life is your one shot. 

Don’t settle and keep pushing yourself!

For more on these lessons, check out my podcast episode that goes into these in-depth and talks about how they applied to my last year.

Have an amazing week! I believe in you!



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