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Around this time last year, I launched the very first round of my signature program, Scale Your Side Hustle. Read on to learn what's happened since then!

Scale Your Side Hustle Program

The best program online for starting and scaling a successful side hustle. Spend four months with your fellow driven side hustlers discovering your side hustle genius, learning the ropes of selling, and how to build a side hustle that makes you more than your 9-5 job.

SYSH is open for the last time in 2020! Join while you still can!

Service-Based Sales Program

An twelve week live program, coached through by Leah, to give your sales process and sales success a makeover. Learn the psychology of sales, creating sales emails, conducting sales calls, and always knowing you’re selling from service. Helpful for business owners and sales professionals at all levels of business wanting to increase their sales.

This program is currently closed. Check out the details and be the first to learn when it opens again.