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Having a front row seat into the businesses, growth and lives of my clients is the best part of running this business. On this page, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the successes of our amazing clients!

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We’ve helped hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs take their businesses and potential to a higher level. It’s amazing to see the growth that happens when you believe in yourself and decide that your transformation is about to happen.

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And, enjoy the stories of some of our amazing clients below!

Working with Leah was a game changer and the best thing that happen to me all year!


From our first phone talk I was convinced that Leah would deliver exactly what I needed: meaning a strategic plan in order to create my online business while still having a 9 to 5 job. I have never met such a driven, positive and well organize entrepreneur women! It’s because I want to become like her that I decided to join her program and truly I couldn’t be happier to have decided to invest in myself and work with her. If you are lost and need precise guidance on how to set up a profitable side or even main hustle, and need someone who will show you the way and empower you along the way, Leah is THE coach you need!

Ines Schuber

In my second month in business: 10+ discovery calls, 4 clients, over $2K in sales… The program has set me up to completely change my life!

I started Leah’s Scale Your Side Hustle with a domain name and idea for a side business and not much else. I knew my earning potential was so much more than my great 9-5 sales job, and I wanted to see what I could do with the right tools and a mentor.
I was not prepared for what 90 days in this program would yield. Between modules, the support of peers and Leah in the Facebook group and the accountability of a weekly call with personalised support, I discovered a drive I didn’t know I had. I built a roadmap and exceeded all my goals in my second month in business: 10+ discovery calls, 4 clients, over $2K in sales, 2 digital products, 200 professional pictures taken and over 1,000 on my email list. The program has set me up to completely change my life. If you’re considering seriously doing a side hustle, don’t venture into it alone. Untap your potential and create a career by investing in yourself. 

Tanya Neufeld

I could never have imaged five-figure months!


A few years ago, when I began my business, I never could have imagined having 5-figure months. In the beginning I was slowly making enough that I felt comfortable quitting my job but I didn’t think I would triple my income in one year of leaving corporate America. Because of Leah’s help through her group coaching programs, one on ones, and Mastermind, I had the knowledge, will power, and self drive to make this happen. She has been here to cheer me on every step of the way and I couldn’t have done it without her. Leah has shown me that mindset is an enormous part of growing a business and that this is my new normal. Having someone like her to push me past my comfort zone has made all the different in my income, inner self, and business as a whole. 

Anna McNaught

Leah has been, hands down, the best decision I made for my business.

Leah lit my soul on fire and I knew I had to work 1:1 with her. It has been hands down, the best decision I made for my business and the value she consistently provides has far surpassed the investment cost to work with her. She continually inspires me, challenges me, pushes me, and motivates me and I can’t imagine being where I am in my business today without her support. Leah has helped me build my business from an idea to a thriving brand. Building a business has its challenges and in those tough moments Leah has been there to see my ugly cry (several times) and offer words of encouragement, which I really appreciate. I feel like I’m not just working with a business coach, but I’m working with a good friend as well. If you’re looking for a sign that you should work with Leah, this is the sign. Do it!!

Zeina Marrush

Kathryn Roberts experience growing her business, Quest for $47 with Limitless List.

This is a MUST if you are looking to skyrocket your growth!

“Limitless List was truly an amazing experience! This course gives you the exact steps you need to successfully establish and grow your list in a short amount of time. Not only have I seen consistent growth of my email list–it’s almost doubled since I started the program–I now know how to figure out WHAT to offer my audience and how to nurture them once they’re subscribed, which is that critical factor that many people miss.  

There are so many different options for opt-ins out there, it can be overwhelming to pick which one to start with, and Leah’s concept of Power Opt-Ins really simplifies the process. I was able to create an opt-in that converts at 48%, and the guided Facebook & Instagram tutorials have allowed me to simplify and automate the process of getting new subscribers This course cuts the fluff and keeps you focused on the basics, including how to leverage your list for immediate sales.  

Overall, Limitless List is a MUST if are looking to skyrocket your growth the right way.” 

Kathryn Roberts

My subscriber list has doubled!

I wanted to grow, nurture, and communicate on a more regular basis with my target audience. After a brief introductory phone call, I knew Leah had the knowledge and experience I was looking for. Since working with her, my subscriber list has almost doubled. I have more active communication with people on my Facebook business page. I am more confident in my ability to create and manage Facebook ads, write sales copy. 
Leah is professional, proactive, and prompt; energetic and friendly. She pushed and listened in equal measure, always seeming to know which one I needed. Her passion for entrepreneurship and her excitement about sharing her experience so that her clients have an easier, quicker road to success drives her daily. She is an entrepreneur with a quick mind and a big heart who cares about building community and success beyond her own.

Dawn Leas