Personal Branding

Personal Branding is key for the millennial generation. It’s how we can stand out and make the most of our opportunities. It’s not enough to simply have a resume and a 9-5. We need to get our names out there, make opportunities where there aren’t, and find other like-minded people to collaborate with. This is why creating your personal brand is so important and valuable. Click through to learn personal branding techniques, practices, and styles.

Some of our favorite methods of personal branding are:

Our goal is to provide actionable, clear tutorials and lessons on how to self market away. Learn how to show of your skills and make new opportunities with what you’re already given.

Do you use a vision board in your daily life? Ever since a young age, I understood the importance of visualizing your goals. Find out how to do the same!

  Do you use vision boards? I admit that I haven’t always used them, but from a young age, my father taught me the importance of visualizing your goals coming true. I recently made myself a digital vision board.

Personal websites are not just for freelancers or photographers. They are the key to millennials' success. They are your digital platform for displaying your accomplishments, your experience, your skills, and your interests. More than that, they're your way to show the world who you are and your creativity. Click through to learn why you need one, what you can do with it, and how to make one. You'll also get your free checklist to make sure you're not missing any of the essentials of your site!

A personal website might seem like something for freelancers, photographers, or celebrities. But, in the ever-increasing digital world, personal websites are becoming the key for young professionals. Creating my personal website is still one of the best investments of time and money I’ve ever done for myself. This platform has opened doors beyond what I …

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Personal branding isn't just for entrepreneurs, it's important to brand yourself even under the umbrella of a company. This is especially true for start-ups! click through to learn how to brand yourself as a start-up founder or employee.

Do you work at a start-up? Do you hope to one day? Or, are you building your own start-up? No matter the situation, it’s important for you to brand yourself as a start-up employee. I have my friend Kaitlin Zhang, personal branding expert, here today to tell us why and how you can build your …

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