Finance education and financially literacy are the most important, yet least talked about part of becoming a self-made woman. Whether on purpose or by default, historically, women aren’t as independently financially stable as their male counterparts. Whether that’s because of unequal work pay, varying roles in marriage, or simply a lack of education, we women (and men!) owe it to ourselves to break bad habits and get in control of our financial lives.

Side Hustle + Finance

The two are more interconnected than it may first appear. As financial expert Nicole Lapin says, “everything comes back to money”. Work, relationships, hobbies, etc., it all boils back down to money. I love side hustles for two main reasons:

1- They let you express your creativity and continue practicing passions you may not use during your 9-5; and

2- They can help you got financially in control and even far financially ahead if you’re willing to hustle.

Urban 20 Something is not a finance blog. It’s a blog that aims to help millennial women become self-made, which means hustling above and beyond your 9-5 job. All finance tips here are in relation with how to make that happen.

It’s easy to dismiss December from your hustle radar. It’s nearly the years end, but you don't have to! Here are 3 tips for December sales.

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Have you ever thought of a VIP coaching day? My clients love them for obvious reasons. They get to achieve much more then they thought. Are you ready?

  When I started my business, five-figure months seemed like they were too good to be true and something I thought would take years to achieve. Little did I know, just over three years into business I would be celebrating five-figure DAYS, not just months!

I'm not one to be shy about my income or business growth. After reaching 6-figures, there are a few things that I've learned about raising your income!

  I’m not one to be shy about my income or business growth. It isn’t the most natural thing to talk about money or my salary on the public internet. But still, I decide to do so because I believe it’s important to share what’s possible when you really GO. FOR. IT. After all, if …

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