Today’s guest on the Your Biggest Vision show is the new Operations Manager of Urban 20 Something and my sister, Abby Gervais! Abby has just recently joined the Urban 20 Something team and is here to share her journey of how she decided to make the shift from her 9-5  job at an investment bank to working for a small business. On top of this daunting business transition, the coronavirus pandemic was in full force, making this unconventional lifestyle shift all the more challenging and unique.

Tune in to: 

  • Get to know Urban 20 Somethings’ newest employee, and how she recovered from COVID-19.
  • Hear a behind the scenes look at what March of 2020 looked like for Urban 20 Something, Abby and myself.
  • What it has been like for Abby to start a new job in the midst of a pandemic.
Tune in to hear Abby Gervais, Operations Manager of Urban 20 Something, share a behind the scenes look at March from a business and personal standpoint.
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Leah Gervais: Hey visionaries, welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. I’m your host, Leah Gervais. And today we have a very special guest. One of the most special guests ever that I’ve had because she is the Operations Manager of Urban 20 Something and she is my sister. Hi Abby.


Abby Gervais: Hi. Thanks for having me.


Leah Gervais: Thanks for doing this. So Abby and I kind of wanted to do a combination of episode purposes here for you guys. Back in February I did kind of like a behind the scenes episode on what the month looked like for me as a person and as a business owner and I got a lot of really great responses on that about you know, about how people, what people learned about during that. So we decided to kind of keep the theme going. So we wanted to do a behind the scenes of March as well. And I don’t think anyone could have predicted what March would turn into, as the Corona virus hit in March. And as the world as we knew, it kind of turned upside down. But we still wanted to do it. And we thought actually kind of all the more reason to do it.


So we are here to share what March was like behind the scenes of Urban 20 Something, what it was like financially for me, what it was like for us, us to decide to work together as Abby left her nine to five job to come full on, um, onto team Urban 20 Something. Uh, we’re going to talk about her getting the Coronavirus recovering from the Coronavirus and kind of everything in between. So that is what is in store for us. And I also really wanted you guys to get to know Abby. So with that, Abby, I would love for you to just kind of start and share, um, you know, how you ended up in New York and maybe a little bit about yourself in the sense of how you think it might have ended you up here working for a small business with me.


Abby Gervais: Okay. Um, yeah, so after I graduated college, I moved to New York about three months afterwards. My senior year of college was when I realized that I wanted to start my career in New York city. It’s just because I wanted something very different from the Colorado lifestyle, I went to school in Boulder. And, I always love New York, love the energy in the opera. I knew there was so much opportunity here and so I took the first job that, um, I not applied to but interviewed with and, um, they hired me at an investment bank. It was my first, uh, job, which was crazy because I was a sociology major. But I was so grateful to have the opportunity. And after about a year there, I just kind of realized, um, you know, living in the city, um, and watching what Leah did, I knew there was so much more out there for me and I was just kind of itching for tha feeling of doing something new and learning something new.


I feel like I had gotten the most out of that job at the investment bank that I was at. And so I want to do something that was completely out of my realm and out of my comfort zone. And just um, when I started working part time for you back in, I think it was September, October. 


Leah Gervais: Yeah. Sometime in the fall.


Abby Gervais: I just realized that there’s so much out there like, um, your community was so awesome to, you know, see them working with you and everything and so I feel like it was kind of my calling after a couple of months of working with you that this was what I wanted to do next and see where it took me.


Leah Gervais: Awesome. What a cool story. Yeah. So we started, you started doing some work for me in the fall, sort of like out of just like we didn’t really think it through, you know, I just sort of needed help and you were interested in learning more so we just kind of did it. And then you were like the best contractor I ever had. You were like so much more on it than so many people. I was really excited about that and just wanted you to be doing more. Um, and so then we started talking about, you know, you leaving your job. So tell us a little bit about what was kind of going through your head at the time. I mean, most people listening to this are entrepreneurs, so maybe they’ve already quit their jobs or maybe they want to. Um, so for you, you know, you still were kind of taking that, that risk of, of deciding that you were going to leave this really structured, really well-paying, really prestigious job. Even though it wasn’t, it’s not quite the same risk as starting a business from nothing. You’re, you still kind of like you’re taking a chance on me. You’re taking a chance on yourself. Like what, how did you become okay with that?


Abby Gervais: So I guess a couple of things. First wa is, I’m still pretty young. I’m 25 years old. I knew that I wasn’t going to be at this job forever. Just based on our parents work ethic and watching you, I know that taking risks is one of the best things that you can do in your life and, or your career. And so I thought this was, this was the, you know, best time to do it. I mean, there’s no better time than right now, you know, so-


Leah Gervais: In the present moment.


Abby Gervais: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And secondly, you were doing so well with the business. I could tell it was really taking off and I, you know, I was really excited for you and I knew that. I mean, I wanted to be a part of it and I wanted to succeed together and see what we could do as a team. So it just really excited me and just working with my sister, I thought, you know, it would be a great opportunity. So, um, yeah, I guess- 


Leah Gervais: Were you scared?


Abby Gervais: I was, um, yes, but I also know that like you are one of the most Mike, uh, motivational people and, um, you always succeed. You, um, you’re a very hard worker. I just, I knew we weren’t going to fail whatsoever and I thought working underneath you, it’s kind of like an honor because I can learn so much from the way you work and your mindset and everything. And so I was a little bit scared just because, um, you know, I’m your first full time employee so you know, it’s a little nerve wracking, but at the same time I never doubted you and, or what we could do together.


Leah Gervais : Thanks abs. Cool. Okay. So we just kind of going chronologically here, we make the decision I think in like January or February that you’re going to quit your job in blatant March and then start at the beginning of April. And that works for my business because I kind of have an off calendar year and like April/ May is kind of like the beginning of the year. So that works well to have her come on full time that way and for certain reasons, Abby wanted to stay at her job for a little while longer, but that, so that became the plan. And so we started kind of working toward like what we needed to do to get her ready and we kind of had this luxury of like onboarding her while she was, you know, like kind of on the side of her old job, which made me feel a lot better because I, you know, know that usually if you hire someone full time, you know, it’s a big learning curve for them.


So being able to kind of mitigate some of that before she was full time was really helpful. But we had no idea that wrench that was gonna be thrown into all of our perfect plans then. So let’s go ahead and like come to March cause that’s really what this episode is about. And March is already kind of a funky month for us anyway because in March of 2018 our dad suddenly passed away, which I talk a lot about and that definitely rocked our world. So like what was it like for you going into March this year, knowing that you’re going to quit your job soon? Kind of dealing with dad, like what was going through your head?


Abby Gervais: Yeah. So I was, I was excited for March. I was excited to quit my job so I could, you know, move on to this next chapter. Um, you know, of course the beginning of March is emotional, but at the same time I had such hope because I know that dad would be so proud of what we’re doing and the decision to work together. I’ve heard from so many people that working with family is like the best decision that they could make. So, you know, I was really empowered by that and just knowing that we’re both on the same track now of being entrepreneurs and I just think dad would totally agree with us with this decision. So that gave me some sense of hopefulness, but this whole decision and yeah, I was excited to quit my job. Um, you know, work remotely, there’s lots of emotions. But I felt very confident about the whole thing, until Covid started taking over.


Leah Gervais: So let’s pause really quick. Just, um, one more thing on dad. What is like, just because I talk so much about how he has passed, you know, changed me. Is there like a philosophy of his or, um, a phrase of his or something that like you think about a lot in your everyday life or that motivates you? I love to talk about him.


Abby Gervais: Yeah. So I think is positive mindset is not, not, um, anything that he’s ever said, but just kind of the way that he really lived life to the fullest was always positive, was always trying to learn something new, always happy to take risks with, I don’t know necessarily with his career, but just, um, in life generally. I just feel like dad was, you know, such a spiritual and, um, positive guy and he just never seemed to fail with anything that he did, you know? And so I really, I try to embody that as much as I can because nothing bad has ever come out of, you know, taking risks and, um, doing something that you might not be completely sure of. Um, and I think that always, always voiced that. And so that’s always stuck with me.

Leah Gervais: Yeah, totally. He did. And we’re also lucky that like our mom still really supports all of this that we do too. She’s like very pro risk as well and she’s definitely been in the front row of like my whole journey this whole time. We’re really lucky with both of our parents.


Abby Gervais: Definitely, Mom has been our number one support since day one and continues to be.


Abby Gervais: Okay. So March 3rd passes and you’re getting excited to leave your job and you know you’re going to leave it on March 13th and I am away on my honeymoon. So this is, I’m going to share a little bit about what it was like being in a different country. Like while New York was pretty much falling to its knees in real time. So when we left on our honeymoon, I think there had been a couple of cases on Long Island, but it hadn’t really come to Manhattan yet. Definitely didn’t look anything like what we’re dealing with now, where this is one of the most fatal things ever to happen in New York city and my husband and I do talk a little bit about if we should like maybe not go on our honeymoon, but not really just because we just thought like it wasn’t well or well, we didn’t know how it was going to be and so we just didn’t think we should like stay here and fear.


So we ended up going to Sri Lanka and the Maldives for the first two stops of our honeymoon and it was pretty low key. They’re like, you heard about it a little, but we just had normal precautions. Like we just washed our hands constantly and we didn’t shake hands with anyone and didn’t touch our face, you know, disinfected every airplane seat we were on, etc. And then right before we were leaving the Maldives to go to Thailand, which was the last stop of our honeymoon, we, uh, you know, heard that Trump was banning planes from Europe. And that is when we knew like I would say that was like the beginning of the end kind of for New York and for the U.S. that’s when it just felt like, Oh my God, this is real. And after that it was almost like every hour you’d hear something else traumatic about what was going on.


And I remember us leaving the maltings to go to Thailand and being in the Maldives airport and like looking up at the screen, you know, seeing when our flight to Bangkok with leave and seeing that there was like another flight to Dubai and we had flown- when we had come to Asia, we had originally had a layover in Dubai so we were like, should we be going back to New York right now? Like should we go to Dubai and try to get back to New York? Like I don’t even know if we should be going to Thailand. And we ended up going to Thailand and we had a great honeymoon, in no ways can I really complain, especially considering, you know, how much more awful and disruptive this has been for so many other people. But I would say for the last half of our honeymoon, being in Thailand several times a day, we were, you know, reanalyzing like should we leave in New York right now?


But then on the other end, like emailing apartment owners in Bangkok to see like how long we could rent their apartment for thinking that we might end up needing to stay in Thailand for a lot longer. I didn’t know if we could get back to New York. I didn’t know if we should be in New York because I knew it was so dangerous. So it was just kind of a mess. And, um, we ended up deciding to come back to New York because we were very concerned that if we stayed in Bangkok for honestly only another few days or even a week, that there was a chance we would not be able to leave Thailand or get back into New York just at the rate things were going, like two days after we left Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka closed its borders. And then a few days after we left the Maldives, same thing.


And we’re like, okay, we can’t push our luck this much. Like we’ve gotten so lucky. If we just would’ve left on our honeymoon and done the whole thing, like literally two or three days later, you know, we would have maybe never been, I don’t know where we’d be. So anyway, we came back to New York. We’re very safe. We’re very lucky. Um, but it was very, very bizarre to like see happen from abroad and just hearing about what’s happening in New York. And meanwhile, I think it was the last day we were in the Maldives, like right before Trump announced that travel ban. Um, Abby quit her job and so I’d be like, I’ll let you take your side of the story from here is like so exciting that you quit your job. 


Abby Gervais: Yeah. I’m so excited. It was, yeah, I think two or three days before Trump announced the, I don’t know if it was the lockdown or maybe just the travel ban, I think it was the lockdown. Yeah. So yeah, it was on a high that Friday that I quit. I quit early in the morning, said bye to everybody at my office and was just so excited to just start with Leah and um, you know, feeling really confident about everything. Then two days later, that whole weekend I was able to celebrate and then two days later it was when it was announced that we were on lockdown, which was just a whirlwind of emotions. I mean, I had a trip planned like the week after I quit as well to go to Colorado to go skiing. All the resorts close. I mean, it just went from zero to 100 very quickly. And like you said, it was like every hour. It was a new update. I mean all of a sudden everyone’s like, Oh, can’t do that. Can’t do that. Can’t do that. It was crazy. So it was kind of a bummer because I was planning on having two, three weeks of freedom of traveling and just slowly getting myself ready to be full time with you. You know, it was still, I was still excited to start with you full time, but it was a whole different kind of transition. 


Leah Gervais: Well right because we had planned on working in person together. I mean we are, you know, we live close to each other in New York city. We’re very close. Like we hang out a lot and I haven’t even seen, I haven’t seen him in over a month. I haven’t seen you since I’ve gotten back from my honeymoon cause we can’t even see each other. Um, so yeah. So your world kind of turned upside down quickly. You thought you were going to have these few weeks off before you and I started together and then you get some news about an old coworker…


Abby Gervais: Yes. So I think it was the following Tuesday or Wednesday after I had quit. My boyfriend who also works at the investment bank that I was at, got an email saying that a co-worker was tested positive in our office and he was last seen in the office like March 11th or 12th or something. And the last time that I was there was the 13th. And so that straight away, you know, I was pretty, I wasn’t scared, I mean a little bit, but I was just unsettling just knowing that, okay, this is real, you know, this is, um, it was actually New York city because we didn’t know how many cases there were at that point. It was still very early on. So my boyfriend actually started showing symptoms around that time that he got that email was like really when he started going downhill and we’re just like, Oh. And then his roommate was very, very sick as well. I think he was even sick before Jared was.


Leah Gervais: What were their symptoms, their early on symptoms?


Abby Gervais: So Jared, he had, uh, chills. He got a fever. Um, headaches. Headaches are like a big thing, which is so interesting. His roommate as well had a fever for I think like five days straight. He had it really tough and just a minor dry cough, you know, wasn’t really intense, but it was there and you’re just like, where is this coming from? I started showing symptoms kind of around the same time that Jared did not. All I had was a headache. I had a headache for about two days straight and I was like, Oh, that’s weird. I don’t really get headaches. And then I was fine for a few days. Jared and his roommate were still really not okay. I was fine for like three days. I was working out, I was feeling great. I was like, Oh, you know, maybe I’m just getting lucky here. We even were considering maybe they didn’t have covid.


Leah Gervais: Maybe this was something else. 


Abby Gervais: Yeah. We were like, maybe, you know, this is just, um, a cold or like the flu or something. Right. But then I went downhill a few days after them and I never had a fever. Thank God. But I did have a cough. My body really ached. I was so tired. I was really congested and it was tough. It was just really, really tiring. And I don’t get sick. My boyfriend doesn’t get sick, his roommate hasn’t been sick in years and we’re just like, this is, this can’t be a coincidence. Like we have it. And then I ended up having a virtual doctor’s appointment, uh, just to, you know, ask the doctor I was doing all the right things to kind of take care of myself. And she asked me if, um, you know, what my symptoms were and then she was like, have you lost your taste and your smell?


I was like, yes, I lost that yesterday. This is like a week after my first symptoms, when I lost my taste and smell. It was, yeah, seven, eight days after my headaches started. And she’s like, that’s actually the first question we ask patients right now. That’s the biggest thing that we’re seeing is people losing their tastes and smell. So that is kind of what confirmed it for her. Jared’s roommate also lost it or never lost his taste and smell, but I mean, based on that, she was like 95% chance you have Covid. So I was never tested for it. In New York, I don’t really know what the policies are everywhere else in America or the world, but you can’t get tested unless you’re a severe case. And I wasn’t having any respiratory issues, which I wasn’t. I had like a very minor dry cough, but I wasn’t having problems breathing or anything. 


So she’s like, just stay home. Like that’s all you can do right now. You know, rest, stay home, lots of fluids. So that’s what I did and yeah, so it’s just crazy to think about it too. I mean, all three of us had it and you know, we’re never gonna it was never recorded. It will never be recorded that we had it, you know, so it’s, it’s just like how many other people in this city have it and all throughout the world that just isn’t gonna be reported. It’s crazy. But I was very lucky to be healthy. I recovered and I’m feeling back to normal now. 


Leah Gervais: And it’s, it’s such a bummer because now they’re starting to say at the time of this recording, I mean, who knows everything changing so quickly. But like there’s a possibility that those who had it could, you know, donate their plasma to be used as antibodies for, for those who are at higher risk, but because they, you couldn’t be tested because there’s limited tests, you can’t even do that. And that’s like, that sucks because it’d be great if you could help people. You’re young, you’re healthy. But because you don’t have like, you know, cause you didn’t have the official test. But anyway, I’m just glad that you’re okay. And it was crazy to watch. I remember for like a week you kind of were on and off and then it was just like into the deep end. Couldn’t get out of bed. You couldn’t walk. You were so, so weak.


Abby Gervais: Yeah, that was another thing I felt very dizzy and a lot of people have said that as well. You just feel very out of it. So it just hits you kind of everywhere. The only thing you don’t feel as nauseous as far as I can tell, but everything else-


Leah Gervais: Everything else just kind of sucks. 


Abby Gervais: Yeah, everything else just comes with, it was insane and it just, it came in like phases and it was a solid 10 days of weird symptoms just all over the place.


Leah Gervais: Yeah. Well now you and Jared, it’s been like seven days at least since your last symptoms. So you guys are able to go on walks and leave, which I’m sure is really helpful. So obviously very grateful you’re feeling better. And for anyone out there listening, Abby, you know, out lucky, this is very, very serious. So just because she didn’t have to go to the hospital doesn’t mean other people won’t. So please stay home, please stay home, please stay home is my plea. So yeah, and just like from the business perspective, like Abby’s about to start like four days later and she cannot get out of bed. She has the Coronavirus. It was kind of an interesting thing to navigate. I mean not kind of, it was a very interesting thing to navigate and I was like trying to make sure I was constantly like trying to read about the benefits for small businesses, how I can make sure she was protected in case she did need to take time off. You know, that she would still get paid for that if I, if for anyway, I didn’t know it was going to happen.


So it was kind of a whirlwind, but I think all things considered, we got super lucky because she did start feeling better. Um, you know, before her official start date. And I was able to do most of the work that she usually does beforehand. And our sister, Ellie, who also helps out with some things, helped out. So, you know, it definitely went as good as it could have. It was just crazy seeing all this happening, knowing that you had this Coronavirus knowing I couldn’t like see you or be there or help you or anything. But you know, we came out on the other side okay. And, and you are healthy and that’s, that’s all that matters. Um, okay. So now we’re, you know, here we are, fast forward a little bit and you are starting and we’re still kind of navigating this space of not being able to be together and in general just life being so much more different.

I know for me, like work is something that I inherently love because I love what I, what it’s creating. Um, but that looks so different now and so many of the things that we are excited about and look forward to really are just so unknown. Um, and I know that for you, you know, you came out of feeling really sick but then kind of maybe felt like you were going to come back to like life as normal and it’s just like not so like how has it been for you now that you’re not sick and how is work feeling for you?


Abby Gervais: Yeah, so it was tough after I started feeling better and being excited that I was healthy and you know, about to start my new job and now I was just like, Oh, but the lifestyle is still going to be the same. I mean like, I mean at least it’s kind of making learning, working from home but easier cause I’m just forced to, I mean I was at a nine to five desk job for two and a half years. And so, um, I dunno, I guess I’ve learned pretty quickly on, you know, what working from home is like, which, you know, I’d have to get used to anyways, even if we were in this position. I mean, although we were planning on going to, you know workspaces so we can work together. But, um, but I feel good about work. I mean, I, I feel like I’ve really been able to focus on work because it’s kind of all I can do at the moment.


So it’s, you know, it’s been tough not, you know, trying to navigate this new lifestyle of not really being able to leave my apartment, but at the same time it’s giving me a lot of time to just start understanding more of what you do, learning more about the people that you support, how you do it, everything like that. So I mean it was a little bit tough at first, but I’ve actually, I’ve really kind of learned to love it and just dedicating my time to work right now. So it’s kind of like a blessing in disguise cause it’s all I am focusing on. It’s good for the beginning.


Leah Gervais: Have you had any like, surprises or unexpected challenges that, um, that you’ve experienced since either you started in April or since you started with me last year, but like what did you not know about what I do or what’s been hard that you didn’t think would be?


Abby Gervais: Um, I guess just, uh, when we had our meeting a couple of days ago about, um, tracking the, funneling all of that marketing that you do and the branding, that’s all very new to me. So that’s been a little bit tougher and just how all, what all goes into that for you to be successful with it. And I still don’t even know half of it. So I think that’s the biggest thing and just not being able to be with you in person. It’s kind of tough because, I mean, I know you’ll record yourself doing something for an example, just really helpful. There’s something about being in person, just showing me the ropes when I’m actually right there is a lot different. So I feel like I’ve been learning, teaching myself a lot of things, which is fine, but it’s difficult at times. And I want to be successful in my role. And so sometimes I don’t know if, you know, I’m doing something right and of course I’ll talk to you about it, but it’s, yeah, it’s a little bit tougher and not being able to be together. But yeah, I just feel like marketing was probably the biggest thing. And the branding part of the business.


Leah Gervais: Yeah, no, it’s, it’s really complex. Like, and I think that I don’t think about it so much anymore because, you know, I live and breathe it, but it was very hard for me to learn and I think that I know you can do it because I didn’t have any background in it when I started. But you know, and, and I just really dove in, but I was really intimidated at first and there were plenty of moments. I’ve had so many different milestones, where at one time I literally just thought like, I will never get that. Like a good example is Facebook ads. Like I just like didn’t look at them for like a year and a half because they were so foreign to me. They did not seem intuitive at all. They were expensive. I didn’t really understand how to use them strategically, so I just like kind of didn’t. And um, you know, obviously I leaned into it and it ended up like, those decisions have been the best ones that I’ve made because, you know, they’re, they are hard, so not everyone does them. So if you know how to do them well, then it will, it will serve you. But yeah, no, this stuff is like, it’s, it’s complicated and you’ve done a job.


Abby Gervais: It’s very complex. There’s a lot that goes into it and I had no idea. So yeah, I’m still learning, but yeah.


Leah Gervais: Well I’m grateful for your help and uh, you know, the whole like figuring it out. That’s the name of the game. So that’s what I like about it though. Yeah. What would you say, like what is kind of your favorite part or a harder part about working with family? I get that question a lot.


Abby Gervais: Yeah. So I think something that we’re going to have to get used to is just kind of separating our business and personal lives from each other. But at the same time, like I’ve, as we’ve talked about before, it’s kind of nice that we can have sister time that’s just like going out to dinner or getting drinks and brainstorming new ideas together and talking about work, you know. So I think it’s a good and bad thing. I think sometimes like if I, we haven’t yet, but if we, you know, are having kind of an off day with each other business wise, it could blow into our personal lives. So I think that’s, that might be the biggest thing, but so far it’s been fine. Um, yeah, I think, I think that’s my, the number one that I always think about.


Leah Gervais: Yeah. No, I think just over communication is key. But yeah, like even a few days ago I was just feeling a little stir crazy and I was just feeling really sad about everything that was happening. Because I live, we both live on the upper East side. And it was the moment or it was the morning that they on the news, we’re showing how they’re building like a pop up hospital in central park, which is very close to where I live. And that just like obviously it was so upsetting to see, you know, just knowing that like literally right at your doorstep. I mean, it’s sad to see anywhere in the world that, I’m not trying to say that like New York is the only place going through this, but of course it does feel more real when like you can look out your window and see the empty streets, the people walking around with masks, like it feels dystopian.


Just like yesterday I, a police car drove up and down my empty street, um, you know, over where I live. And it was like just driving really slowly. And the doors were, or the windows were open and it was blasting New York, New York, and it was like he was trying to lift their spirits, but it was just so sad, it was so sad. But anyway, yeah, like a week or two ago, that’s when the, um, pop up Mount Sinai hospital came up and I was just feeling sort of, I was just really upset and I was just like, Oh my God, I just like, I need to take a break. I can’t work right now. Um, and you know, like I went to go text our family texts. Like we always have this text going with our mom and our other sister and wanting to just be like, this is like I’m having a day or I’m having a hard time processing this today, you know, I’m really sad. 


But also recognizing that like this was Abby, one of her first few days working full time and like I wanted to be a leader for her and I wanted to, you know, make her feel comfortable and make her feel confident that everything was going to be okay and everything is going to be okay. Um, but, you know, just kind of trying to find that balance and not having the ability to be like, I just want to talk to my family right now. Um, because my family is also like the work environment too. So little things like that, but definitely nothing that doesn’t make it super worth it and nothing that just like a lot of communication can’t fix or solve. 


Abby Gervais: Exactly. Yup. I agree. 


Leah Gervais: Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Well, March ended up being a really good month for us. All things considered. Abby is safe and healthy and she didn’t have to go to the hospital, which is the biggest prayer, you know, when anyone gets the virus here at this point you’re just hoping they don’t need medical attention because we do not have the bandwidth to give them medical attention.So we’re very grateful. She’s healthy. We’re grateful for our dad who is in a lot of ways, my business partner, he helps guide me a lot. I really think he’s, you know, spiritually here with us.


Abby Gervais: His work ethic definitely has stuck with us. 


Leah Gervais: Yeah. And you’re successfully on board and things are good and all things considered considering the pandemic, considering I was gone for over two weeks of the month. And you know, considering all of the reasons why things were not supposed to go smoothly, our business was, it was a profitable, successful, still a multifaith figure month. Very, very grateful for that. I’m not sharing that to brag or be insensitive to how many people are going through financial hardship. I am sharing it because I want everyone to know that there is hope. And if you are an online entrepreneur, you don’t need to buy into the common narrative right now that everything is awful, the economy’s crashing. So therefore you can’t spend any money. You know, that is not the truth for everyone. If you have, if you’re an entrepreneur, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your truth right now. And we’ve been very fortunate that that is not our truth right now. So keep going, keep believing in yourself. Keep believing in the good that is there and we hope you liked this episode. Abby is there anything you want to wrap up and say before we close.


Abby Gervais: Um, well thanks again for having me and I’m so excited to, I’m excited to start like really getting in the flow of things and hopefully like going back to somewhat normal soon and just being a part of this community and like watching so many entrepreneurs be successful. I think it’s so inspiring and I’m so excited to be part of it. So thank you again for giving me the opportunity.


Leah Gervais: Oh my pleasure. Well, thanks for sharing with us and thanks for being so candid about what you went through and I know that all of our clients love having your support too, so thank you for everything you do. All right, visionaries, we hope you enjoyed this DM me if you want to say hi to Abby and welcome her, if you want to chat about how Covid-19 is impacting you or your business or if you just want to have a little shout out and know that you’re not alone, let me know. You can find us @urban20something and we will talk to you soon. Here is to your biggest vision!


Abby Gervais: Thank you!

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