Are you finally ready to make effective changes to your life and daily habits? Episode 3 is all about setting yourself up to be in a place where you are ready to receive what you are craving this year, visionaries. Creating space for new habits in your life is essential for reaching your biggest vision as an entrepreneur and as an individual. 

Tune in to this episode to hear: 

  • The six layers of your life that you may want to examine
  • How you can cleanse your life on the exterior and on the interior
  • My favorite tips on how to reach your most positive light and best self every single day
Tune in to to hear how you can create space for new habits in your life to reach your biggest vision as an entrepreneur and as an individual.
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Leah Gervais: Hey guys, welcome back to the Your Biggest Vision show. So happy to be here in season two with you all and I cannot believe it’s a new year. I feel really good about this year and I’m hoping you do too. So today I wanted to come and share sort of like a detox exercise with you and I have everyone in my masterminds do this pretty extensively and we really go through it together. Um, but it’s so powerful and it’s something I personally love doing so much that I wanted to share it with to an extent with you as well. And so this is something that the, I guess type a person in me, I don’t even really like self describing myself that way, but here we are, uh, has done on some level pretty much every year. I’m one of those people that loves the week between Christmas and New Year’s so that I can clean and organize my closet and just cleanse my life.


But I hadn’t really systematized it or put it into such an organized way until relatively recently. And the reason that I think it’s important to have a system to do this and to make a point to do it and to care about it is because in this community and for me personally and with my clients, a big theme of what we talk about and what we work toward is upleveling our entire lives. I am very intentional about having my business support the life that I love and not be only living to work, which is what so many people in America do, which is what so much of corporate America is about. And that is not what we’re here for. So one of the things that comes with upleveling your life and doing so aggressively is making sure that you have room for all the new things you want to bring into your life.


So we cannot have a bunch of new clothes if we have a bunch of crappy clothes in our closet and just bear with me. That’s just the example that came to mind. Um, but that’s really how it goes. We also can’t invite a ton of new friends and amazing people and high level inspiring people into our life if we are still attached to people that are kind of sucking us down. Right? You only have so many hours in the day. We only have so much space. We only have so much energy. There are things we need to be cautious about. And this isn’t about judging any current situation that you’re in. It’s just about being honest because I think a lot of the times people don’t start seeing the new things that they want in life. They don’t start seeing those up levels because they haven’t made room for them.


They don’t have any time to make those new friends. They don’t have any time to make those new sales. They don’t have enough, you know, they’re still so busy making lower-level client sales that they don’t have any space for higher level. Um, they don’t have any room in their homes to bring in new things. You get the deal. So this is about setting yourself up for a place where you’re ready to receive what you are craving this year. And don’t worry if you’re listening to this into 2020 passing the week of new year, you definitely are. Cause I’m releasing it several weeks after. Uh, but really you can do this anytime and it might be even something you want to do every six months. Totally up to you. Um, I would really give yourself a weekend to just kind of sit down, listen to this, take some notes and go through your life and purge what is no longer in service to your biggest vision.


So we’re going to go through kind of six layers of your life and what you might need to examine starting from the bottom, which is going to be the most exterior. And then we’re going to work our way up, up, up to the top where you’re going to put the most value on yourself and how you’re taking care of yourself. So that’s going to make more sense as I go through it. But without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at these areas. So the first bottom of the pyramid, the first place we want to look is just very much on the outside. So this is going to be things like your home, your office, and your atmosphere. And so if you are desiring to have an office with a really huge, beautiful MacBook and you know a beautiful painting behind you and a really nice desk and you just want to have this very kind of boss babe set up, but you are working at your kitchen table, then that’s the kind of thing we want to evaluate.


So let me just go through some of the points that I review with the women in my mastermind and that I review myself. So look at your bedroom. Sleep is the most important for this thing, for a successful entrepreneur, period. I mean one of the many things, but I value my sleep above almost anything else. So what about your bedroom could make you sleep better? Could you instigate a no technology rule in your bedroom? Could you remove the TV? How can this be a goddess like space for you? Do you want to get new sheets? Maybe you need to clean out a linen closet. Maybe you could splurge on some lavender oil or some pillow spray. Maybe you need a silk pillow case. Do you have comfy slippers, et cetera?


Sorry, I had to take a sip of water. So just overall ask yourself, how can my bedroom be more rejuvenating? How can I get a better night’s sleep? How can I feel better in here and take better care of myself? What does the highest version of me or the biggest vision I have do when they sleep? How do they sleep and what does it look like? Then same kind of questions in your bathroom. Can you clean out any clutter in your cabinets? Can we throw in medicine makeup that isn’t, that is expired and that is just taking up empty space in your life. Maybe you want new luxurious towels or a new, um, a shower curtain, or maybe you want new bubble bath. How can your bathroom be the place where you feel get ready and feel your best every single day and unwind before you go to bed every single night.


Then let’s look at your clothing. How can you go through your closet and think what is different about the clothing that I currently have? Then the closet that I want now, for me, this is like a very big question because I have dreams of having several huge walking closets. One, especially for shoes in particular and bags, so I can’t go to that jump all right now obviously, but there are things we can ask like do I really need all these unmatched socks that I’d never wear that are just taking up space? These clothes don’t really fit me or they don’t really inspire me anymore. Maybe I can donate them. That would be a much energetically better place for them to be than in my closet where no one’s paying attention to them. Why can I give them to someone who needs them? Is there jewelry in here that is rusting?


Can I donate that? Can I toss that? What can I do so that it’s not just literally creating mold in my space. No one wants that. Can you clean your wedding rings or any fine jewelry so that they look their best and you’re making the most of the really nice things that you do have? Same with old purses. Maybe they need a big, a good clean. Same with old shoes. I like to get my, my blue buttons and some of my designer shoes resoled every once in a while so that they are the cleanest. How can you make what you have the closest match to where you want to be? And then looking at your office, it’s going to be the same thing. What can you do about your office to make it more in alignment with the vision you have for your big office?


Do you need better wifi? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Do you need a different microphone or webcam? Can you look more professional on your computer? Maybe you want something that just makes you feel better being there. Something like candles, flowers. Maybe you could do a flower delivery service. Do you need a vision board to keep you really motivated? And maybe you just want some affirmations on your desktop. I do this, I have two here right now and those are just things that I look at every day to kind of keep me in my flow. So some miscellaneous thoughts before we close off this section of home office. And uh, your atmosphere are that you might want to donate any old books from your office and or home, get rid of anything you’re no longer using. It’s taking up space and not allowing room for the new sign up for a flower delivery service.


Maybe that’s something you really love and you don’t want to have to think about it. You can do it automatically and maybe you want to hire a cleaning service. My husband and I did that last year and it has been hugely helpful because working from home I got very into what my friend Sophie calls procrastinate cleaning, where I would just clean to make myself feel productive and busy when really I needed to be working. All right, next chapter. Now we’re going still kind of exterior but more personal. We’re going to be talking about your physical health and your self care, so here are some things that it might just be time to make sure you have on the calendar. Do you need an annual physical? Do you need a biannual teeth cleaning? If you are a woman, do you need an OB GYN appointment? And now let’s talk about your beauty.


What’s going to make you feel the best and the most confident version of yourself? What is in alignment with your highest vision in terms of your beauty and health? Do you want to start scheduling a monthly nail appointment, a monthly acupuncture appointment, a monthly Reiki section session, a monthly wax or threading appointment, a monthly massage, a monthly chiropractor appointment. Maybe you do a quarterly haircut and or color, a quarterly facial, quarterly teeth whitening. Really ask yourself what is going to put me in the most positive light and in the highest vibration, and then maybe even some daily things to consider. Maybe you start having morning water with lemon water, with lemon in the morning that’s heated, that gives you really good nutrients and it’s a great way to start the day. Maybe you start having a daily green smoothie or even if it’s just weekly, just to get started.


Maybe you start making eight hours of sleep. Non-negotiable. Can you instigate a rule where you have 20 hour, 20 ounces of water per hour? Non-negotiable? Can you exercise every single day for 30 minutes? Can you eat three nutritious meals every day, non-negotiable, no more takeout, no more things that aren’t nourishing you. So big picture. What do you need to do to be the best version of yourself and you might want to consider habits that you’re deciding to leave behind. Maybe you want to leave coffee behind. If you have anxiety, insomnia, or difficult digestion, this could be a tough pill to swallow but there’s other caffeine alternatives and this might be time for you to quit it. I stopped drinking coffee and I feel so much better. Maybe you leave eating dairy behind, maybe gluten. What about processed foods? Factory meat. Are any of those not in alignment with your big vision?


When you think of the highest dream of your life, when you see yourself living that fantasy that you are so excited about, are you eating takeout? Maybe you are. This is not about judgment. Maybe you love to have your Wendy splurge every once in awhile and that’s your thing and that’s fine, but you are not eating these foods that aren’t making you feel good, that are making you feel healthy and you’re not eating foods based on a low budget because you know that you have the ability to make more money. That’s a whole other conversation, but that’s really the attitude. I encourage you to bring into this. Uh, maybe you are giving up alcohol. What about no more oversleeping? What about no more snooze button? No more on and off again, diets. What can you add of these? I would decide three things right now that you’re just going to stop and reevaluate them in six months.


So perhaps that is no more snooze button for six months. No more skipping meals for six months. No more gluten for six months. See how it goes and other considerations for your health. This might be the time to join a gym that inspires you. No more budget. Jim, what’s gonna make you ecstatic to go there? Maybe you sign up for a delivery service so you always have fresh and healthy food. What about hiring an assistant to start delegating some of your tasks? Should you start sending your laundry out to be professionally done so you don’t spend three hours a week doing it when you could be working? What about hiring a dog Walker? What about hiring a chef? What about hiring a stylist? What about scheduling weekly or monthly blowouts? Alrighty. Next chapter is finances and this one is really important for entrepreneurs because we can very easily um, mix up our personal finances with our business finances.


I’ve done this, I have been there and in the beginning I think for most of us we do put a lot of our personal, you know, capital in your business. It usually does take our own savings to get things going and that’s fine, but there are some little practices you can do even early on to make sure that you are separating the two. It’s very important to set that precedent early on and even from a work standpoint to make sure that your businesses income is not dictating your self worth. Neither is your personal finances, but nonetheless the boundary’s important. So first things first is you can create a net worth tracker and look at it monthly. And if you have a business you can include, I think your business in it. So this should make you feel great, especially if you feel like you spent a lot of money on your business.


Well, what have you gotten in return? And I am a big fan of setting monthly net worth goals. My husband and I don’t do monthly budgets, we don’t do like the envelope system, none of that. That is like so not sexy to me. I like tracking our net worth net worth that is so much more motivating and so much more exciting. So that’s what works for us. And then maybe you just kind of assess some of the habits that you want as someone who is financially empowered. Maybe you start setting up regular donations to a charity that you love. Maybe you start calendaring birthdays in and gifts you need to buy so that you’re prepared and ahead of the game. What about having a splurge inspiration or an even a setup, a account where you set up a little bit of money every month or every week so that you’re setting aside money for a splurge.


I’m a big fan of micro savings accounts. Maybe another micro saving account for technology snafooz so that if your iPad breaks here, computer, whatever it is, you’re not going into your emergency savings or you’re not putting it on a credit card. You have a savings plan. Maybe you start saving for quarterly trips away so that you and your partner or friend or family know that you can get away without wondering where the money’s coming from. Perhaps you start saving for holiday expenses so when the time, by the time December rolls around, it’s not this huge surprise about where the money is coming from because you’ve set a little bit aside every single month. Um, maybe this is the moment that you put up plan in place to pay off debt instead of just thinking one day or maybe it’s time to set up a meeting with a financial advisor.


Okay. The final, well, no, I’m sorry. We have two more. One more pillar is going to be to evaluate your relationships. So this one can be a bit sensitive because it can bring up some things that might be very difficult conversations. This is where we really ask ourselves going into it, how badly do I want my vision to come to life? And one of the tricky things that can come up with that. If you say more than anything, if you say you’re willing to do anything to make your vision, which to me means what you were put on this earth to do, come to life, then it might come with some difficult decisions. This isn’t just about working 80 hours a week. This isn’t just about taking an eCourse. This could be about totally auditing your life so that you are supported in achieving that.


And one of the tricky ways that can be that can, that can come up here is auditing your relationships. So I’m just going to dive into this and ask some questions about how you might want to strengthen the relationships that are serving you and examine the ones that might not be and what to do with those. So let’s start with an optimistic one. Assuming you and your partner are power couple and you are totally in alignment with each other, what about instigating these things to make sure that you are continuing to be the best version of yourselves for each other? A quarterly weekend getaway, a surprise that you give to your partner once a month or once a quarter, a weekly date night dedicated to just YouTube with no technology, a monthly splurge night out at a nice restaurant, a monthly late night out to stay young at heart and in family.


What about this is where it can get a little trickier. Uh, maybe it’s time to create a list of those who lift you up in your family versus those who bring out negativity or put doubt in your mind. This could be the moment you decide that you are not obligated to maintain active relationships with those who bring you negativity. What are you going to do to stop that? Can you call less? Can you do holidays at a friend’s house for a year? Can you just tell them, I don’t want to talk about my vision anymore?


Yeah. Uh, with the family that has been supportive, this could be a time where you schedule times to connect with them. Maybe you want to start FaceTiming them monthly or visiting them monthly. Whatever works for you. This could be a moment where you start to schedule times into remember and connect with loved ones that you’ve lost friends similarly to family. This is a moment that I encourage you to create a list of those who lift you up versus those who bring you negativity. I also encourage you to decide that you are not obligated to maintain active relationships with those who bring negativity and tell yourself three ways that you are going to hold yourself accountable for not allowing your doubts to seep into your mind with those that have been on the side of those who lift you up. This could be a moment that you start a small monthly savings account to visit a friend who lives far away.


Once a quarter. Perhaps you start making time once a week to text or call those you haven’t talked to in awhile. Maybe you visit a distant friend every six months. Maybe you start doing pen pals with a distant friends, a distant friend. Maybe you want to start having quarterly girls nights or guys nights depending on whichever is better for you. All right, and then our final pillar is all about you. So this is your spirituality, faith, and mental health. Above all else, the most important relationship in the world are the relationships with yourself and your relationship with God. No one will be with you at the end. Even your spouse, even your parents, even your kids. In the entrepreneurial world, we hear a lot about manifesting and having faith as we take risks. I love these concepts, but find that many entrepreneurs end up manic manifesting, which is a phrase by Gabby Bernstein.


Manic manifesting means that we’re only reaching out to our spirituality when we need a hand, not consistently living life through faith and not consistently what we believe in, when the good and bad happens, but only going to the bad one or only going to our faith when the, when the bad is bad. These practices are designed to help you live every day in faith with which by definition keeps you out of fear because faith and fear cannot coexist. So some daily habits you might want to start implementing are to have a prayer routine, have a meditation routine. Set aside a time to plan your day every day with optimism. Have a gratitude routine or set aside time to visualize your goals. Those are daily, so maybe think of two or three that you’re going to start doing daily now and on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


This could be a time to decide that you’re going to start going to church, meditating for an extended amount of time, 30 to 45 minutes, journaling about the month or the quarter, read a spiritual or religious book or attend a retreat, maybe yoga or silent meditation. Whatever makes you feel connected and in faith and not fear. All right guys, I hope this was helpful. This is going to look very different for everyone, so I encourage you to, if you didn’t already, take notes. Listen to this again, take some notes. Brainwork comes to mind to your attention and no need to be overwhelmed here. No need to do all of this at once, but just start thinking about a few between each pillar that really resonate and that you’d really like to see the difference they can make in your life and then write those down and feel free to email them to me and let me know. I’d love to hear what you’re implementing. You can email but I really do think that with these audits and cleansing our energies in spaces and times of things that aren’t serving us and getting intentional about things that are, you’ll start to see dramatic shifts in your life toward the vision that you want and toward the life that you’re dreaming of. And that’s what I want for you. So here is to your biggest vision.

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