Why You Need A Side Hustle + How To Make Time

The Perfect Daily Planner for the Side Hustler. If you have a passion, hobby, or side hustle you want to start but are caught up by your day job, this planner will help you organize the time you do have and kill it at both.

More and more often, we hear about having a side hustle. They’re such a powerful tool for anyone that has more than one passion, and I think they’re particularly powerful for millennials. But… what are they? Why do we need one? And, how on earth can we make time for one?! We’re going to cover all of this here. So, grab a warm beverage, and let’s get to work.

Even if you LOVE your job, you should have a side hustle. It allows you to explore your variety of interests, it helps you learn more about yourself and your passions, and you can earn extra money from it! Win win! The trouble? Making time for it! Click through to read how to make time for your side hustle with my planner specifically made for us side hustlers! Yours free.

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My Quarterly Goal System- How I Crush My Goals

Everyone has a different goal system that works for them. Personally, I’ve found that using a quarterly goal system works best (and I’ve tried a lot!). Quarterly goal periods- 3 months at a time- allow habits to truly build and substantial achievements to be made. But, 3 months isn’t so long that I lose motivation. Businesses track their goals quarterly, why should personal goals be treated any different?

My quarterly goal system has been the best way to achieve my goals. Monthly goals aren't long enough and New Years resolutions are too long! Click through to learn my entire quarterly goal system and get your free guide and tracking spreadsheets to go with it!

With October right around the corner, I’m going through my final goals of 2016 (!! time really does fly!). Here’s why I encourage a quarterly personal goal system and the exact system I use to achieve my goals.

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A Personal Website- the Why and How

A personal website might seem like something for freelancers, photographers, or celebrities. But, in the ever-increasing digital world, everyone should have a personal website. A personal website is a place that you can display your talents, experience, and accomplishments. This platform will open doors for you that you can’t even imagine. The best part? You’re doing it your way, not a pre-structured way (cough cough LinkedIn).

A personal website is not just for freelancers or photographers. It is the key to millennials' success. They are your digital platform for displaying your accomplishments, your experience, your skills, and your interests. More than that, they're your way to show the world who you are and your creativity. Click through to learn why you need one, what you can do with it, and how to make one. You'll also get your free checklist to make sure you're not missing any of the essentials of your site!

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5 Career Advancements to Make This Fall

I know that New Years is supposed to be the annual new beginning. However, I feel it far more in fall than in winter. I think after so many years of school starting in the fall, it still gives me that “new beginning” feeling. I fully embrace this feeling by taking this time of year to make some improvements and changes. Here are five ways I like to boost my career in the fall (and you can, too).

At the bottom of this post, get your free fall career improvement workbook. Grab a classic fall coffee drink and enjoy getting things done!

Fall always feels like a new start with the beginning of school and the changing of the weather. Click through to learn how five ways you can advance your career this fall, with a fun workbook to go along with it!

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How to Overcome Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety. It comes in different forms, for different reasons, and sticks with different people. It’s difficult to talk about because it can be hard to admit that you have anxiety or fear, especially when you know that the fear is unwarranted. I know that’s the case for me, anyway! This post is a bit hard for me to write. Travel anxiety has been a challenge in my travels. It hasn’t gone away and it has manifested itself in surprising ways. The important part is that I’ve gotten better at handling it.

Travel anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with, and for some, it's so relevant that it prevents them from traveling at all! Don't let that happen to you. Travel anxiety is real, but it also an anxiety that can be treated and cured. Click through to learn how, and also receive your guide on making relationships abroad and your travel reflection journal, both essential tools for overcoming travel anxiety.

Traveling has been absolutely amazing for me. I’ve especially loved traveling alone and have grown so much from it. My heart would break if I let travel anxiety prevent me from experiencing all the amazing things I have. Because of this, I want to share the ways in which I overcome travel anxiety. Hopefully, others can use these methods and conquer travel anxiety themselves, because the anxiety is always outweighed by the incredible experiences traveling can produce.

One of the biggest ways to alleviate travel anxiety is by finding a network and community abroad. This is actually so much easier than it sounds, and you don’t have to stay in a place for very long to make one. Grab my guide on networking abroad at the bottom of this post.

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Where Should I Study Abroad? The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to choosing where to study abroad and make the most of your time away! Studying abroad can boost your career, help you network, teach you a language, and so much more. This guide will completely walk you through choosing your goals and finding what country and program will help you meet them. Free complete workbook included!

Deciding where to study abroad is no easy task. It’s extremely personal, so writing a guide on what factors to consider will differ for everyone’s situation. But, after reading some truly out of whack guides online, I decided to pipe up. Deciding where to go abroad is important because it can determine the opportunities you’ll personally get from your experience.

By considering the questions below before you study abroad, you are increasing your future career and networking opportunities exponentially. You are proactively adding more to your resume and personal portfolio by asking these things.

So, grab a beverage and my workbook below that goes with this post and figure out the country that’ll make your study abroad experience light your career on fire.

Need help deciding where to study abroad? Look no further. This will walk you through how your host country can help your career further on, and how to figure out what country will best help do that. Make the most of this opportunity!

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Unconventional Income- Easy Ideas That Work

Unconventional income is one of the greatest benefits of being a millennial. We have the ability to earn money in ways more unique and personalized that simply a 9-5 job. If you want to use unconventional income to fully support yourself, imagine the autonomy you have over all the work you do. You get to say yes or no to everything! You also can use unconventional income to build second (or third!) sources of income. No matter how you want to incorporate it into your life, our generation has redefined income. Here are ideas on how to make an unconventional income of your very own, with your guide to unconventional income included.


Want to work for yourself instead of for a company? Or, do you want to make second and third source of income? Here's your guide to ideas for unconventional income that work.

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Make the Most of a 2 Week Vacation

Leaving behind your life on a vacation doesn’t mean you need to abandon opportunities to improve it while away!  I’ve been writing a lot about making the most of studying abroad and traveling abroad. If you can’t tell, I think that’s really important! But, I understand that not everyone has months at a time to pick up and move. There’s still plenty of ways that you can use your vacation to boost your career, expand your horizons, and learn more about the world and yourself! I understand that once and a while we all need vacations simply spent by the pool or on a beach, free of scheduling. But, for the most part, I encourage you to branch out! You’ll actually enjoy it more, I promise!

Even on vacation, you still have the power to learn more about other cultures, yourself and your career. Vacations don't have to be a break from reality (though sometimes that may be what you want)! They can also be chances for to network, learn more about your field in the context of a different country, and absorb other cultures. Click through to learn my pro tips on making this happen, as well as a guide to cold e-mails so you can network all on your own!

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