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How to Stay Motivated while Paying Back Student Loans

pic   The road of paying back student loans can feel long, lonely, boring, and frustrating. This is especially the case if you have fairly large student loans and the monthly payments seem like they’re not helping you at all. It’s understandably difficult to keep …

Side Hustle

5 Ways to Get Paid Doing Things You Do Anyway

pic We all want extra ways to get paid. And, rightfully so. Life is expensive, and when it comes to building wealth, we know that the focus should definitely be on┬ámaking more money,┬áNOT saving every penny. There’s the old but true saying that you need …

Young Professional

How to Tell Your Boss about Your Side Jobs

pic Should you tell your boss about your side jobs? It can be a tough decision either way. On the one hand, you don’t want your job thinking that you’re not committed to it. On the other hand, you don’t want to risk the trust …

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A Personal Website- the Why and How

A personal website might seem like something for freelancers, photographers, or celebrities. But, in the ever-increasing digital world, personal websites are becoming the key for young professionals. Creating my personal website is still one of the best investments of time …