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Self Marketing

Cold E-mail Situations, Tips + Templates

The power of the cold e-mail is among the most beneficial aspects of the digitally-dominated (and, ever-increasingly so) world we live in today. It is my favorite form of networking. It’s free, no awkward conversation, and no fluff around what either party actually wants. The …

Side Hustle

Side Income Ideas That Work

Side income is one of the greatest benefits of being a millennial. Focusing on a side-income in addition to my 9-5 job has helped me pay off my student loans faster and also supports me while I volunteer in Asia! Here are ideas on how …

Young Professional

Hosting A Networking Event- Your Complete Guide

Hosting a networking event; it sounds fancier than it needs to be. You don’t need to be a millennial CEO or a socialite to plan a successful and influential networking event at a young age. Whether you’re hoping to make a career change, want to elevate …

Latest Post

Social Media Habits That Will Change in 2017

Hi, friends! This article, about changing social media habits, is my very first article on millennial news, which I’ll begin writing every Wednesday. For weekly updates on the millennial news of the week, sign up below!  With 2016 nearing an end (I …