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How to Handle the Competition within Social Media

  This post is about the competition within social media. We all know it, we all feel it. Our parents and elders comment often on the competition within social media to have a certain body type, a certain lifestyle, status, money, etc. Today, I asked …

Side Hustle

5 Ways to Get Paid Doing Things You Do Anyway

pic We all want extra ways to get paid. And, rightfully so. Life is expensive, and when it comes to building wealth, we know that the focus should definitely be on┬ámaking more money,┬áNOT saving every penny. There’s the old but true saying that you need …

Young Professional

25 Reflections On My 25th Birthday

Birthdays are my favorite holiday, and this year, it’s my 25th birthday! Birthdays are the time of year that you can reflect on all you’ve done in the last year; the achievements and the obstacles. For me, even more than New Years, birthdays are a …

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